Honda RC250 2005

Dennis made the trip from Denmark to Holland last Friday to deliver the bike to my workshop to kickstart the project. My first overall impression was “wow what a beautiful bike”! I hope I can be of good service to make it even better looking! Below some pictures of the bike when just unloaded in the workshop.

2005 HRC RC250 CR250R 2005 HRC RC250 CR250R2005 HRC RC250 CR250R 2005 HRC RC250 CR250R

Dennis starting to strip the bike.

2005 HRC CR250R

Almost there…

Showa a-kit Cr250R

Showa a-kit Cr250R

HRC excentric bearing cups which go along with the HRC triple clamps..

HRC excentric bearings triple clamps HRC excentric bearings triple clamps

Some cleaned up parts. Even the airfilterbox seal was replaced, this build is going to be meticulous.

CR250R airbox CR250R fueltank CR250R ignition

HRC’s titanium footpegs, CNC machined from billet material…

HRC titanium footpegs

Billet Factory Connection linkageFactory connection linkage CR250r

A very nice HRC clutch perch. This is the perch which HRC uses on their factory bikes (when not running the hydraulic unit). The perch with the red thumbwheel made it’s first appearance in 2001, replacing the three way position clutch perch which many championships were won with in the 80s and 90s.

HRC clutch perch

For this build we will be using a factory Nissin front brake caliper. Yes, the one machined from billet and used by many factory teams. In order to fit it on a set of 49mm Japanese Factory A-kit forks, a bracket had to be modified. The sliders on a factory brake caliper are 1.5mm wider apart in comparison to a stock caliper. I took a billet aftermarket bracket, welded the lower slider mounting hole and repositioned the hole 1.5mm lower. The caliper fits nicely now!

HRC brake caliper bracket HRC Factory nissin brake caliper billet Nissin factory caliper