Honda CR60R 1984

The 1984 Honda CR60R is a rare bike since it was only produced in 1983 till 1986 and available in Europe in 1983 and 1984 only. Because of the small production there aren’t a lot of these bikes around anymore. I like the bike because it looks a lot like the big bikes from that era.The Honda CR60R will be brought back to showroomstate.

honda cr60r


Began tearing down the bike and pulled out the engine.


First thing on the list is restoring the engine. The engine is in good condition exept for two parts. The cylinder head misses a fin and the ignition cover was heavily damaged. I was fortunate enough to find these two parts new. The crankcases, the clutch cover, cylinder and (new) head are blasted with glass beads to be painted in the original satin black finish. All bearings, seals, gaskets and bolts are replaced with NOS Honda parts.


Torn down CR60!


The gastank together with some plastic I bought in the US will be renovated by Plastic Renovations, before shipment to the US I removed the decals and cleaned the gastank.


Dirty aluminium gastank supports.


Cleaned gastank.


Bead blasted tank supports.


Prepping the crankcases for bead blasting.


Left crankcase after bead blasting.


Some NOS parts I collected over the last few weeks.


Bead blasted hardware before sending to replating.

CR60 parts

Bead blasted engine prepped for painting.

CR60 engine

Replated hardware.

Photo 17-05-13 20 03 40

Found a NOS crankshaft on ebay, very happy with this part because a replacement rod was impossible to find.

Photo 25-05-13 14 35 51

Engine parts painted in their original satin black finish.

Photo 29-06-13 13 27 12

Ready for assembly.

Photo 29-06-13 15 55 08

Filling the cases.

Photo 29-06-13 18 06 35

The splines of the original gear selector shaft were damaged and rusty. Unfortunately this part was not available through Honda anymore so I purchased the 1983 version instead. Because the 1983 shift mechanism uses teeths in stead of a pal, I had to weld the plate of my 1984 gear selector shaft on the new shaft with the help of van Herpen Lastechniek.

Photo 19-08-13 09 02 59

Still waiting on some parts of the clutch assembly.

Photo 19-08-13 09 05 34

The restored cylinder kit.

Photo 19-08-13 18 41 38

Cleaned up reed valve.

Photo 19-08-13 18 03 48

Reassembled the painted brake anchor plates with replated hardware and new drum shoes.

1 2

Painted triple clamps with new hardware, waiting for the new bearings to be installed.


Lower triple clamp.


Filing 43mm Wiseco pistonrings to 42,75mm because I couldn’t find this size in 1mm thickness.


Bought a 24mm Keihin carb as a replacement upgrade for the original 20mm carburetor. It needs a good cleanup!


The Keihin PE24 after blasting it with water, nice outcome!


Assembled the carburetor with the original pink Honda overflow hoses.


The Honda CR60R engine turned out great!

Photo 19-09-13 18 48 02 Photo 19-09-13 18 48 34 Photo 19-09-13 19 00 49 Photo 19-09-13 19 01 30

The original rivet band attaching the rubber flap to the airbox was too rusted to use again so I asked my nephew to lasercut a copy for me. It needs to be replated before installing it again.

Photo 05-10-13 20 23 20

The front and rear hub are painted satin black, new bearings and seals are installed together with NOS wheelspacers.

Photo 06-10-13 20 26 33

The original airfilter had rotten away so I bought a new Moto Air foam airfilter which fits perfectly.

Photo 06-10-13 20 27 36

Assembling the rear wheel with NOS Honda spokes and a new Takasago chrome rim.

Photo 28-10-13 12 56 33

Rear wheel fitted with an original NOS IRC Supercross M2D tire.

Photo 07-11-13 19 28 20

Rear wheel complete with a NOS rear sprocket.

Photo 16-11-13 18 03 50

Bead blasted linkage, the linkage and swingarm will be painted in the original silver/grey color and assembled with NOS Honda bearings.

Photo 16-11-13 17 52 21

Bead blasted swingarm.

Photo 16-11-13 17 52 41

NOS buddyseat

I bought this NOS black buddyseat from a Canadian eBay store. I came across it and bought it right away. The original buddyseat from the bike was not in the best shape and I had to make aluminium brackets because the original ones were destroyed as well as applying a new seatcover.

This NOS buddyseat was a good investment because I would have it all new at once. I am going to use this buddyseat so the CR60R is going to look a little bit like a 1982 CR480R with the black seat. The seller thought it might be a Hondaline optional accessory but he isn’t sure either. So if you confirm it’s a Hondaline accessory or perhaps something else, please contact me.

Honda CR60R seat

Swingarm and linkage back from painting

Good news, the swingarm and linkage were ready to pick up from the painter so I did. Frans de Waal did an excellent job again and I am very pleased with how the color and finish turned out. It’s a silver/grey color with the finest possible metallic and then clear coated with a satin finish.

Linkage honda cr60

Swingarm Honda CR60 1984

Before the frame can get painted it will need some modifications because the area were the brakepedal is bolted on is damaged. The old bolt is still there but didn’t come out yet, I think it was welded at the back and then grinded flat or something. Still need to figure that out.

Minor steps but getting there

The last week I have been busy with pressing bearings and receiving packages. The swingarm and linkage came back from painting last week so it was time to install all NOS bearings I had collected.

The stock steering head bearings use spherical balls, providing just a few dozen contact points and poor adjustment possibilities. Although I’d like to go NOS Honda all the way, I thought roller bearings would be a great update for the Honda CR60R.

Triple clamp bearing Honda cr60

The painted swingarm and linkage received some new bearings and seals too. I managed to track down all the original bearings, bushings and seals, and after carefully removing the paint around the bearing fits I pressed them all in. Received the chainguide and chainslider too, I found those at a French Honda dealer who had in dead stock. The swingarm assembly looks like it came from the factory in Japan!

honda cr60 swingarm

Although I don’t have the exhaust pipe nor the silencer yet, I managed to find another hard to find part, a NOS exhaust rubber, which came in this week. It is complete with the two metal springs on both ends.

Honda cr60 exhaust rubber 18391-167-000

Yes it was package week. Got this NOS gastank cap too, complete with the original rubber hose. The original cap had some minor scratches and I’d rather put a new cap on the gastank when it returns from Plastic Renovations.

Honda cr60 gas tank cap

Finished 1984 Honda CR60R!

Honda CR60R 1984 Honda CR60R 1984 Honda CR60R 1984 Honda CR60R 1984 Honda CR60R 1984 Honda CR60R 1984