Please contact me if you have any factory, works or NOS Honda parts listed on this page. The parts I am looking for are hard to find or unobtainable and I haven’t succeeded finding them yet. I will pay a good price if you can deliver the parts I need, so I can complete my restoration projects.

Wanted for Honda CR250R 2002-2007:

  • HRC silencer
  • HRC skidplate

Wanted for Honda CR250R 2001:

  • HRC ignition (stator, rotor, CDI + GPS) compatible with a gear position sensor RC250M 2001
  • HRC CDI ignition HRC stator rotor ignition

Wanted for Honda CR50R/CR60R 1984:

  • Kickstand 50530-GF5-730
  • Silencer 18330-GF5-730
  • 18330-GF5-730 silencer muffler cr60 cr60r