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RC250M Frame modification

All modifications to the standard 2001 frame are made to have it look like a 2001 factory frame, read what was needed to be modified, how it was done and the end result.

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Foto 15-12-14 22 10 02

1997-1999 RC250 engine cases

I had the opportunity to take a look at a set of 1997-1999 Honda RC250 engine cases. These are the cases as used by Fred Bolley, Stefan Everts, Joakim Karlsson, Gordon Crockard, Sebastien Tortelli, Ryan Hughes and Steve Lamson to win many races and championships.

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RC250 engine cases HRC

Swing arm and linkage back from painting

Good news, the Honda CR60 swing arm and linkage were ready to pick up from the painter so I did. Frans de Waal did an excellent job again and I am very pleased with how the color and finish turned out. It’s a silver/grey color with the finest possible metallic and then clear coated with a satin finish.

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Swingarm Honda CR60 1984

New website!

I am currently working on a new website so you might see some changes throughout the following weeks. I will try to keep the content online so you can keep checking that at any time.