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Hi all, I have recently aquired a set of Takeshi Katsuya HRC wheels, front and rear from someone called Dean Brady from Australia. The paypal payment (2.000 AUD) I made was to his cousin’s account Shaun Davies . After a few weeks I received only the rear wheel. When asking about it through FB messenger he replied Auspost must have split it up due to weight. I asked for the second tracking code as you can’t send two packages with only one code. He said he would go get it. After a week of sending him many messages his girlfriend (Nakita) replied through his account saying Dean was hit by a car while cycling to postoffice in Lakes Entrance, VIC, for the second tracking code. Sad story but since then I have never heard anything from him or her. I have a strange feeling about this all, then again, if the story is true it’s sad for the guy.

Anyway, I want my front wheel to turn up ASAP and hope someone can help me with a phone number or shed some more light on this Dean Brady.

I called Auspost if there was anything they could do but unfortunately they can’t without a tracking code. I have also started the procedure at Paypal, which I hope will turn out good.

Be warned for this guy!!!

FB account:

Additional info: Dean sended me the picture below of the person he got the wheels off, Tyler Medaglia mechanic (someone knows his name?).

Suspension update

Although being very happy with the factory suspension I already had on my bike, happiness rose when I found a period correct set of 2000/2001 forks and matching shock.

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51mm factory showa forks

Starting to look like a bike

So in the past few weeks I have worked a lot on the bike, both engine and chassis…

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Magazine articles

Until 10-15 years ago you would either see factory bikes in the paddock at a race or in a printed magazine. I have uploaded a few amazing magazine articles of various magazines showing 2000-2001 factory bikes. If you have an old magazine at home with an article about a HRC bike contact me and I will add it to the magazine page

2000 RC250M - 1-page-001

Building the engine

The moment is there… After about four years of collecting parts the original idea of building a factory 250 Honda powerplant has succeeded, well amost, I still need the ignition!

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HRC CR250 engine


Decals are key in making a good looking replica bike. Today any decals or graphics can easily be replicated by the many, many decal shops around in the MX scene. But finding the original decals just adds that little more excitement and authenticity.

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HRC shroud decals


Factory Friday

After a year of absence due to a home renovation project I have continued building the 2001 RC250M. Although I didn’t have time to start assembling the bike, I did find some nice parts to complete the bike even more!

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factory showa suspension honda

Finishing the frame

Finishing the frame and starting the build!

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Foto 07-03-15 12 05 11

RC500 Crankshaft

My latest addition to the works parts collection, the RC500 crankshaft.

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Honda RC500 crankshaft

RC250M Frame modification

All modifications to the standard 2001 frame are made to have it look like a 2001 factory frame, read what was needed to be modified, how it was done and the end result.

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Foto 15-12-14 22 10 02